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Jabber integration with OpenLDAP

I've done succefully integration over OpenLDAP directory using the jabber-config.xml file, my problem is when i search for contacts. On this deployment, my users are the extensions (DN) and i can't search with the "givenname" or "sn" , only shows me results when i look by the extension.

The content of my jabber-config.xml is the following (super-enconding sensible info )

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<config version="1.0">






















I'm using CUCM 8.6 and CUPS 8.6

I.E .

User A:

     Username: 7630

     Pass: ********

     GivenName: John

     SN: Doe

     Department: IT

When i look by John or Doe or IT, i receive no results, but when i do it with the 7630 jabber shows me all the info.

Any ideas???...

thanks for help ..

PD: Sorry abour my english

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Jabber integration with OpenLDAP

Leonardo,  there is a setting in your xml file that says


that would be to use the Windows machine credentials to authenticate so I would suggest use it with '0' also try to use port 3268 for authentication including:


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Jabber integration with OpenLDAP

I'm sure that this line :   0> is used to use the windows credentials, please correct me if i'm worng. I addition i can't use the port  3628 because the default port is the only that my client gives to me.

I know that the line  1 is to set if the clien connects to a domain controller or to a global catalog (set on 0 by default)

Thanks for your answer!!

I'm still with the issue, i need to search by name or sn  too, not only with the username.

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Re: Jabber integration with OpenLDAP

You cannot use Windows credentials because that relies on the ADSI API which only works when domain-joined. The port would be whatever OpenLDAP is running on, 389/636 being the standard ports. There is a sample config listed in the server setup guide for OpenLDAP:









As for the searches only working by extension, I suggest verifying that the default attribute mappings (which were designed for AD) are applicable to your environment. You may need to change some of these so Jabber has the correct OpenLDAP attribute to put in it's search query.

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