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Jabber iPhone - 9971 (Video) Deskphone Integration Issues

Hi, was hoping for somebody to shed some light on this problem.

CUCM 8.6, CUPS 8.6, Cisco 9971 Deskphone, Jabber on iPhone. Seeing this on 2 different sites..

9971 phone to 9971 phone call fails to transfer to iPhone during the following conditions.

9971 to 9971 with desktop integration with iPhone (call has video). iPhone Jabber app open and when deskphone 9971 puts the call on hold the popup notification on the iPhone appears to transfer call, pressing yes on the iPhone either takes the original call off/on hold and never gets transferred to iPhone.

If the jabber app is running and open and when the initial call is answered on the 9971 the popup on the iPhone appears. Pressing yes transfers the call no problems. If you hold the call on the iPhone and resume it back on the 9971 and then hold again on the 9971 it will always fail/

If the Jabber app is not running (killed and not in the taskbar) and while a 9971 to 9971 call is in process and jabber app is started on the iPhone and after it connects to CUCM the popup appears to transfer call, pressing yes works but again, doing the hold resume back and forth fails.

Tried a 8945 calling the 9971 and this fails with exact symptoms as above.

If I take the originating 9971 and test with a non video phone (7960) or a PSTN call, I can put and call on hold on the 9971 and get the popup on the iPhone and transfer the call back and forth all day and it works.

If I setup the desktop integration between a 7962 and iPhone, it works fine.

It somehow a video/video call causing some funny outcomes.

Any suggestions??

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