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Jabber login with Logged-In User

We're currently using Microsoft Lync. When a user logs into Windows their lync client automatically logs in with the same username and password they used for their computer. Is there a way to do the same in jabber. Maybe I missed it or I'm searching using the wrong terminology but I haven't found any information on doing this with Cisco Jabber. i'm currently using client 9.7.0

Cisco Employee

Hi Damien, When the Jabber

Hi Damien,


When the Jabber log in for the first time, you need to enter the credentials and complete jabber ID (with domain name) so that it discovers UC/WebEx servers and log in. For subsequent logins, it will save the cred and you can set it to log in automatically when windows starts.

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Yeah that'll work, but what

Yeah that'll work, but what happens when our password change policy hits and the user changes their password. For everything except this application it will use the correct credentials? That'd be problematic.

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We are also specifically

We are also specifically looking for the Jabber Client to use encrypted authentication to directory based on current logged on user of the PC.  

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