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Jabber Movi user login without password

Hello, I did recognice that I can login with my Jabber Movi account with all different configured provisioning users which I defined in my TMS without password. If I enter just the correct login name, I do need any password anymore.  I do not know since when this occours.

I do run newest VCS software 8.2.2 and TMS 14.5.

Jabber client does register @ VCS.

Does anybody do recognice this too? 

Or does anybody know, what I do need to change to get user login just with correct password?

Thank you for any feedback

Community Member

Issue solved.In our Subzone

Issue solved.

In our Subzone for Jabber-Movi on VCS; Authentication ploicy was set to " Treat as autheticated".

Changing this to "Check credentials" did helped.

How this setting was all the time, or if it wasw somehow changed do to an update can not by followed.

thx anyway for this plattform

Community Member

Is there any way to

Is there any way to authenticate two different domains in single organization from VCS.

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