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Jabber - OCS Intradomain Federation - NO PRESENCE STATUS


Hello Community,


Pulling my hair out on this one. I have connection setup between OCS 2007 and CUPS 10.5. I can IM back and forth to a MOC user but can't receive presence status. I have a case open with Cisco but we don't seem to be making any headway. Can anyone speak from experience on this one?


Your SIP Subscribe messages

Your SIP Subscribe messages are being dropped somewhere. I bet it's OCS, as I'm seeing the same problem.

If you SSH to your CUPS server and run a utils network capture, then download it and open in Wireshark do you see SIP traffic?

If you run the OCS2007R2 logging do you see traffic going out to IMP?  In my case the logs showed 403 Permission Denied – Use not permitted to Federated.  Cisco TAC is working on my case at Escalation.  The migration tools didn't touch the right values in OCS2007R2.

utils network capture eth0 file capture size all host ip <ocsipaddr> count 100000
file get activelog /platform/cli/capture.cap

Wireshark Filter
sip.Method == "SUBSCRIBE"

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Thanks Jason, Yes I did run a

Thanks Jason,


Yes I did run a packet capture and sent it to DEV. I see traffic back and forth between CUPS and OCS. I don't see 403 Forbidden but I do see 482 Loop Detected. Not sure why IM works just no presence status. Appreciate the reply.

SUBSCRIBE is the Presence

SUBSCRIBE is the Presence part, the chat is separate.


Did your packet capture show sip.Method == "SUBSCRIBE" when you open/close Lync or Jabber on either side?

Cisco Employee

can you share the sip proxy

can you share the sip proxy logs with the uid of both lync and jabber and time of test. For testing what we need is to simply logoff from jabber for windows and then log in again. Also can you share the logs of the simultaneous s4 and sip stack trace from the lync server. 


Can you tell me if your "cups"  and "lync" cert is  signed for server and client authentication ? 

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Hi Jamin,

Hi Jamin,

I configured Intradomain federation with Skype for Business and I have the same problem you described in your post.

We can send/receive IM Messages and Skype for Business users see IM/P users availability. Only IM/P Users don't see the availability of Skype for Businees users.

Do you have found a solution to thi problem?



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did you ever get a solution

did you ever get a solution to this. I have a similar problem on Jabber 11 and skype for business, except that it is intermittent. Somtime it works sometimes it doesn't

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my problem was finally solved by adding Skype for Business contacts as a "corporate contact" and not a "custom contact".

When adding custom contact to the Jabber buddy list, Presence Subscribtions for that contact is not sent.

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