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Jabber Screen share grayed out - SOLVED

Community, I need your help! I don't know where else to look.

I have in production CUCM ( and CUPS ( and I want to solve a few misbehaviors on CUPS.
Everything works without problems; except for the screen share, which works just partially our environment was deployed using Jabber for Windows version 9.2.4 now, we are trying to move to the latest version (9.6.0) during the process I found that only the screen share is not working when the call is not initiated by a client running 9.2.4, call, chat, and outlook integration works for all versions.

Currently we have a mix of this versions:

My first guess was a misconfiguration problem, but I the phones and users have the correct SIP profile.
Then I thought it was a problem with the COP file, but I checked in CCO and there is not a cop file under "Jabber for Windows" but there is one if you look under "Jabber for iPhone/Android" (Click here)
Last I checked the Jabber-config.xml (find it attached) and there is nothing weird.

What else can I check?
Why only when the call is dialed from Jabber client with version 9.2.4 the screen share works?

Reference links:

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New Member

You will always need an

You will always need an active calls to able to do desktop sharing with Jabber, this is the same for all versions so you will see the same thing on 9.6

So no miscofiguration, just the client working as designed.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ochavarr, maybe I was not

Hi Ochavarr, maybe I was not clear enough this is the scenario:

Call FromCall toScreen Share works?


So, only if the call is created using a Jabber version 9.2.4 screen share works.

New Member

Rolando, The clients don't



The clients don't handle desktop sharing differently between those versions.

In a non working scenario,

Do the users' CSF belong to the same device pool? if not do their devices belong the the same region? it could be a bandwith issue between the two CSFs.

If this isn't it I'd recommend you to open a TAC case to look into this.


Your XML has two empty parameters:

<Client></Client> and <Disallowed_File_Transfer_Types></Disallowed_File_Transfer_Types>

But they are probably not affecting the desktop sharing issue.

Hi ochavarr,I will talk with

Hi ochavarr,

I will talk with TAC, I will submit my results later.

New Member



I'm trying to file sharing using with jabber localy but file transfer does not work cucm and im&p version 11.x.x

Also i want to use file transfer with MRA.

Currect file transfer enabled with P2P what should i do solve this problem.

Cisco Employee

Desktop sharing in 9.2.x is

Desktop sharing in 9.2.x is only enabled in softphone mode as per the following link;


the option is only avaialble when you call the softphone ( CSF) extension number of the other jabber for windows device. This is WAD.


i hope this helps.

Hi amitk3All our phones

Hi amitk3
All our phones (Cisco Unified Client Services Framework) uses the softphone mode and BFCP is enable in our SIP protocol.

Cisco Employee

So from what you mentioned

So from what you mentioned above; if you are shaying that the desktop sharing only works when you place a call from one csf to another ; this is working as designed for an on premise deployment.

When you donot have the call initiated  between the 2 CSF devices then in the on premise deployment you will not see the desktop sharing mode option; it will remain greyed out.


i hope this clarifies the senario.

New Member

Hi Amit, So to confirm,

Hi Amit,


So to confirm, desktop sharing is only available when the CSFs are actively registered to CUCM and appropriate BFCP configured on the SIP profile? This is the only way to enable desktop sharing when using On Premise deployment?

We currently use Webex Messenger deployment with our internal Jabber and the desktop sharing is avaiable without having to place a call. So gussing its different when using cloud deployment.

This is fairly crucial for a couple of deployments I am working on currently, this coupled with the fact they they are using Citrix clients with Jabber. Call control in Citrix is proving difficult and one of the customers is happy just to have desktop control wiith Jabber and not softphone. But are you saying that desktop sharing is only available when using the softphone?





Hi guys, finally I was able

Hi guys, finally I was able to fix this, after working with TAC the problem was our antivirus (TrenMicro) which was blocking the connections.

In order to solve the problem, I asked the our security team to white list all the TCP/UDP ports Jabber uses (list attached)

Also, TAC recommend to  install/update the COP file for Jabber


Thank you all for all the help :)


PS: The specific port for Share Screen is 5070 (BFCP)

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