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Jabber single sign on


I have IM & Presence 10.0 (on premise) , CUCM 10.0 and jabber for windows 9.7.2, Is it possible configure SSO to jabber ? if so, can i have the cisco document about? So far I have red of SSO at cloud base not IM & Presence on premise.

I appreciate your help.


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Not possible, this will come

Not possible, this will come on future releases. If you want further info, post in the partner community or via your SE/AM as roadmap questions cannot be addressed here.



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Is there any more information

Is there any more information regarding when?

SSO has been a requested feature for years and considering most other chat clients used within organisations can provide this, it's kind of a let down to see it not fully available with Cisco Jabber.

I can see SSO referenced in release notes for the Cisco Jabber client but it's almost impossible to find documentation for it.

I was finally able to track down a configuration ref ( that says I need to go onto Communication Manager -> Cisco Unified OS Administration -> Security -> Single Sign-On

However this setup seems to require another server setup in our domain to act as an in-between for CUCM and AD. Can't CUCM just go straight to AD to authenticate users or some other sync done with AD as it can for Comm Manager and Unity??

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Jabber 10.5 added this, but

Jabber 10.5 added this, but the requirement for the middle server is mandatory. OpenAM will be in charge of validating the credentials and providing the token that will allow this to work.

I don't understand you  last question.



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You say that 10.5 added this

You say that 10.5 added this (by 'this', I'm assuming you mean single sign-on) however the documentation I pointed this refers to CUC 9.1. We have 9.2 and we have started with a version 9 of Jabber and updated with each version. If this was only added with 10.5 why was it documented in earlier versions and with the same requirements of adding an OpenAM server?

Other XMPP solutions we have tried (wildfire/Openfire & MS Lync for example) can interact directly with AD and authenticate users without having a go-between server, it's simply Jabber/chat server to AD.

If I install 10.5 over our existing deployment of 9.7.2 (jabber client I'm referring to), what extra benefit do I get directly relating to SSO? With each new version it seems SSO is either improved or added but yet the requirements and setup have not changed, and when you do find the instructions and much digging around it basically points to having to research, install and configure an entirely separate server and then simply point the Cisco server to that. Given the complexity of the Cisco VOIP setup, getting our server infrastructure updated will not be an easy task and taken lightly if the only reason is that SSO would be enabled but will still require a separate server.


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I think that link does not

I think that link does not apply to Jabber but to the Admin/User web interface.

Anyway, the Jabber 10.5 documentation confirms that the extra server (like OpenAM) is still needed to deploy SSO in Jabber...

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