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Jabber Video: Configure participant name display

How can I configure Jabber Video that the participants name is displayed in a more comfortable way instead of account name at SIP domain?

Example: If I call into a multipoint conference the Jabber Video Participants are displayed the following way: "".

Instead I prefer: "Name - Company"

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Jabber Video: Configure participant name display

Hallo Jürgen,

I guess this is related on your deployment. Jabber Video uses the "display name" field.

In a sip message it would look like:

From: "display name"

in your case:

From: "Name - Company" <>>

The question is how your infrastrucutre and the device you call is handling these fields.

There were also some devices / versions, instead of using the from:, showing the p-asserted-identety header, which

in the movi/vcs case does not seem to contain a "display name" field.

I just tested it if you hit a codian MCU via sip all the way through it will show "Name - Company"

If the MCU is just registered via h323 so the VCS is doing interworking it will show ""

Maybe there is still some room for improvement of the interworking, maybe its just to review your deployment.

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Re: Jabber Video: Configure participant name display

Hi Martin,

yes, I know that Movi uses the display name field in SIP calls.

Sorry for my unprecise question. We deploy Movi most for a H.323 world, so I assume this as standard

(Of course its not!)

So to be precise, Movi traversal calls to H.323 systems will always be displayed with the SIP URI. Is there any

way to change this behavior?

Maybe this must be done via the VCS?



Jabber Video: Configure participant name display

Yes, like I wrote this might be something for the interworking, so if it would need to be on the VCS.

Did not look how the endpointname is represented in a h323 message, if there is a special field, ...

Did you think of filing this as a feature request? If its possible within the signalling it can be quite handy.

Could picture the VCS doing something like

* if display name is set use this as endpointname in h323

But its not so easy as you might have the need of authentication it would need to be handled in a way

as well, if not its at least a nice and easy way to pretend to be somebody else

"President of the company" <>>

SIP is becoming more and more important. The VCS always tries to stay in protocol first.

What stops you in starting with dual registrations (ok, not all use recent cisco endpoints which supports both).

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