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Jabber voice-mail date/time out of wack???....

Hi Guys!


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion as to why every now and again that the time stamp for voicemails in jabber (9.6) get out of wack???...


Does not happen all the time but every so often the date/time in Jabber jumps a day ahead but then all others before an after are ok...


I know there was a bug a while ago and fix in 9.2 but wondering if there was any new issues?



New Member

***Bump*** - Any ideas guys?

***Bump*** - Any ideas guys?

Cisco Employee

This defect : https://tools

This defect : is already solved.


Saying that you are using 9.6 it should too resolve the issue related to above defect. Can you confirm if you are sure that the voicemail timestamp that says is not correct ; while you check the same message from TUI you donot see any issue.


Also validate if there if there are NTP related alerts on the unity connection RTMT app logs; if yes then may be that is where we will need to work at.


if not can you share a jabber PRT when you face the issue so i can review the details.

New Member

Thanks!I will have to wait


I will have to wait till I get another instance...

The odd thing though is the voice-mails also get delivered via Exchange however they always have the correct time stamp. The stamp in unity is correct, it is just the jabber display of time and only happens randomly....


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