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Jabber/WebEx Connect SSO Questions

I've got a few questions around exactly what needs to be done to get SAML working for our Connect accounts to successfully authenticate from Jabber for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

We have both a Meeting Center and Connect account under WebEx using Loose Coupled Integration. Just this past week I enabled SAML for our Meeting Center accounts which went off without a hitch with the exception of Meeting Center integration with Jabber, which is now broken with a message about SSO enabled Meeting Sites not being supported (I think this would maybe be fixed if we had Tight Coupled Integration with our two account?).

Anyway, my questions are...

For Windows, I understand all clients will need to be reinstalled with the MSI argument for the SSO_ORG_DOMAIN switch I've read about, is that correct? Are there any other switches needed for the reinstall? 

How will this work with the Mac and mobile clients? There's obviously no command line options to specify for the installations here, will they just know to kick over to my IdP for authentication once they see an email address that falls under an org with SSO enabled? If so, why does the Windows client need to be completely reinstalled and not just know to find the IdP from the Cloud Connect service like Meeting Center does with the Productivity Tools?

We're just doing this for our Connect Web IM accounts, not attempting any sort of SSO with the phone accounts/UC integration yet.

Any ideas on getting the Meeting Center integration into Jabber working again?

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I'd suggest posting your

I'd suggest posting your question over on the Jabber Pilot forum, as this forum is specific to Jabber Guest questions:



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