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Jabber Windows Client Certificates


When J4W client login for the first time it prompts 3 * times for the acceptance of the certificate.which certificate  i shld import in client machines.

I don't have any CA in my corporate.


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Set Up Certificate

Set Up Certificate Validation 



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Dear jaime,I have been to

Dear jaime,

I have been to this chapter before posting but i want to be more sure by experts.

I don't have CA, so the procedure will be such as following

Below are the only steps for self signed certificates.

Prevent the warning dialogs by downloading the certificates from the Cisco Unified OS Administration interface. Complete the following steps to deploy self-signed certificates to the user.


    Step 1  For each Cisco server, download the corresponding "tomcat-trust" certificate from the Cisco Unified OS Administration interface. Select Security > Certificate Management.
    Step 2  Concatenate the certificates into a single file with the extension .pem (for example, "companyABCcertificates.pem").
    Step 3   Send the file to your Cisco Jabber users and ask them to double-click it. Doing so launches the Keychain Access application and imports the certificates.
    Note    The operating system requires that the user enter the Mac OS X administration password for each certificate that is being imported.



    You would have to follow the

    You would have to follow the steps and generate a certificate signing request, download and go to a external Public CA provider (eg Entrust or whomever signs your web server certificates if you are a corporation)  and pay money to have it singed.  Then import it and the Root CA/Intermediate CA, etc.

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    The 3 certificates are  a)

    The 3 certificates are


    a) CUP-XMPP from IM&P server

    b) Tomcat certificate from IM&P server

    c) Tomcat Certificate from CUCM



    If you are integrating with Unity/MP, you need Tomcat certificates from those servers also.





    Nirmal Issac

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