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Jabber Windows CUPS HA


I'm aware that the current version of Jabber for Windows doesnt fully support HA CUPs servers, does anyone know in which release that this will be supported?

I have lab tested this and discovered that if I use 2 DNS SRV records, pointing to them to the primary and backup CUP servers (active/standby redundancy), the Jabber Windows client automatically fails over to the backup CUP server in the event that the primary server is down (although it can take upto 5 mins to failover). The HA works for both logged in clients and new clients logging in when the primary server is down.

Is this a valid workaround until HA is fully supported?

Cisco Employee

Jabber Windows CUPS HA

HA is currently planned for 9.1 release. The release date is late October.

Your workaround sounds like it may work but it wouldn't be supported by Cisco. There may be other side effects to doing this that we haven't seen.

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Jabber Windows CUPS HA

Can you describe what you mean by 2 SRV records?

I've tested it with my normal SRV record setup and found that it randomly works or fails during various failover scenarios....


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