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jabberlocalconfig.xml file gets deleted/recreated

Anyone else have any issues with this? It's causing a prompt in some clients and setting the type to webex from CUP confusing users... Not really sure what's causing it to disappear... any thoughts?


jabberlocalconfig.xml file gets deleted/recreated


Thanks for the question.

The jabberLocalConfig.xml file is local to the pc so it will be in control of that file going forward. You'll need to find out if some kind of domain policy (group security policy)  would be trying to clear out this folder directory.

It is stored here:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Config

So what kind of permissions are the end users logging in with? If you take a pc not added to the domain and load up Jabber does that file ever get deleted?

Good Luck,


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Same problem here. I have 2

Same problem here. I have 2 users out of about 15 that I have so far configured where this happens. It seems to stick for about 2 weeks, then out of the blue one morning, they start their computer and the jabberLocalConfig.xml is replaced with a default copy, just like a new install. All settings are reset.

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I'm almost certain this was a

I'm almost certain this was a bug in previous releases, I think it's supposed to be fixed in v9.6... I'm guessing this should be fixed in 9.7.

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