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Making video call with Jabber 9

My customer has Jabber version 9.x.  He wants to install a USB camera and initiate a video call with another like configured user.  Similar to the way the old VT100 software worked.  Can this be done using Jabber for Windows with the media package installed? 

The phones are all video enabled, desk phone control is working but the video does not fire up when calling another video enabled user.  Do I need to configure something else in IM&P or is this not a support configuration?

Cisco Employee

Assuming that you had

Assuming that you had installed the media net software installed; here are few things if you can confirm ;

-> what is the version of windows OS ?

-> what is the version of the medianet software that you installed ?

-> version of jabber for windows ?

-> On the jabber menu when you goto help\ show connection status\ What does it say for Deskphone video ?

-> also when you go to File\ option \ video; do you see jabber recognising the camera ?

-> you could like to take a packet capture to confirm if you see any CAST protocol transfer ; the way to test this would be to go the packet capture and filter by CAST and you should see CAST shared between ip of the PC and the deskphone.


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My customer is running Win

My customer is running Win 7

Media software is 4.0.7 (I think)

Jabber shows deskphone video as status unavailable and reason is unknown.

Jabber does recognize the camera attached.



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I guess I couldn't have been

I guess I couldn't have been more wrong about the version of Medianet.  It is actually

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