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MRA Calls /No Audio

Hi Team


We have implemented a collaboration edge deployment before a 6 months a ago

Everything was ok except the last months


Expressway E and C stuck a lot of times and the MRA and also the B2B calls were not working anymore..

With reboot both of them then everything started to work ok


Today we had the same issue.we couldn't login to jabber via MRA.We reboot it both EXP C&E  then everything started again to work properly except one thing


The voice is not working any more.Jabber registered to CUCM but we dont have RTP. The same occur if i do outgoing or incoming call to jabber


Attached are the traces from EXP C&E


Do you have any idea?


Version of Exp: 8.1.1

Version of CUCM: 9.1.2





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 Does it make any difference


Does it make any difference where the call is originating from i.e Internal device to MRA device and opposite?


What happens for an Internal to B2B call? 


It is sounding like a firewall issue, have there been any firewall changes and or upgrades that could be stopping the RTP? Protocol fixup/ALG been disabled?



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