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Multitasking on ipad via vpn isn't working

I just got my VPN working on the ipad and now I have Jabber working as well... well sort of.  Whenever I switch to another program the jabber client disconnects... whenever I switch back, it will take a few seconds and I see the icon changes from the Green phone to the Orange Yield symbol for a few seconds.

I've edited the alerts to be: On, Alerts style, badge app icon - ON, Sounds - ON, view in lock screen - ON.

It will only ring when I have the app in the foreground.  When testing, I will switch jabber to the foreground and it shows an incoming call, then re-negotiates it's connection with the call server and I lose the call before it even rings.


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Multitasking on ipad via vpn isn't working

Just wanted to clarify.. when Jabber is in the foreground, it works perfectly.  I've only done a handful of calls, but I did test a 5 minute call without issue.

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Multitasking on ipad via vpn isn't working

Some additional testing...

Setup VPN on my iphone and Jabber was already setup...from previous internal wifi testing.  Tested incoming calls, those work fine... outgoing only works with 4 digit dial.  When I 7 digit dial, the receiving end doesn't get audio... but I can hear them.  Odd.. probably a server setting or something..

But the big thing, receiving a call on the vpn'd jabber device with the app not in the foreground works on the iphone... not sure why it wouldn't work on my ipad...

Same device ID or whatever in Cisco...

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