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One way audio or Video in Jabber guest




I am getting issue in one way audio or video

in my deployement 

jabber guest client --------- cisco expressway-e--------cisco expresway c and jabber guest server

when i am calling from jabber guest client , audio or video is not working from inside to jabber guest client

and i am not able to see any logs in expressway-e only call detail coming on expressway C

in expressway c-log media routed is false.

i opend all the ports in my firewall any any is there but still not working.


Hi Sushant,Please check the

Hi Sushant,

Please check the following two links for some good pointers




Community Member

Hi All, Issue is resolved now

Hi All,


Issue is resolved now i on ISE in unifiied communication zone and in jabber guest server

redirected to TURN server (Expresway-E)

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what do you mean by ISE? im

what do you mean by ISE? im having exact same problem with one way audio and video. Media is working from external to internal network only. 

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Hi Uldis , First check these

Hi Uldis ,


First check these settings in Jabber guest serve site .

these settings for Dual Nic Deployement 


SIP PORT = 5061 or 5060 (Depend what u r using TLS or TCP)
SIP Domain
SIP Server == expressway-e  FQDN
check expressway-c server that provide TURN Service

Expressway-C server FQDN

Check box Expressway-C server that proxied the HTTP request from Jabber Guest client
HTTPS Port 443

Expressway-TURN FQDN = Expressway E FQDN

Static nat mode select

public ip  >> External IP >>> INternal IP



Make sure 3478 is opend from Outside to inside or vice-versa


And make a neighbour zone between both server expressway-e to Jabber guest and Expressway C to jabber guest.



It will work

there is no use of ICE it was in my last post becuase i was also doing first deployement .




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