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Outlook 2010 show all users presence not just those you added to Jabber?

A customer has requested that in Outlook 2010 that Presence state is show for all users.  Not just those that have been added to their Jabber for Windows 9.7.1 client.

Is there any way to do this?


J4W 9.7.1

IMP 10.0.1SU1


And all the users use Jabber

And all the users use Jabber?

If you are using the same active directory for email and jabber I think you can do it BUT I believe is a must to have jabber on to start seeing status in outlook.

Cisco Employee

So for all users in

So for all users in consideration; kindly check if the proxy address field in AD is populated with the following format or not;


SIP:uid@sipproxydomainname  ... ( this is also the IM address and please note prefixing with the word SIP: is really important).


Note this field will ensure whether you get the presence consistently or not. Refer to the following document for more information;


Here is the section that you may want to refer to; "Enable Presence Integration with Microsoft Outlook"


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So we have a Partioned

So we have a Partioned Intradomain Federation with OCS2007R2. I am using Jabber for Windows 9.7.1The users whom I do not see presence bubbles in Outlook 2010 are running Office Communicator 2007 R2 and signed into that. All users company wide use the proxyAddress in AD set with their sip uri/im chat address per the document.
Cisco Employee

this has been documented in

this has been documented in the following enhancement;

Outlook presence does not work for Lync fedarated contact in Jabber
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The bug toolkit states i don

The bug toolkit states i don't have permission to view. Is there a planned fix release? Is the bug with the Jabber for Windows client etc or the IMP Server?
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