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Periodic disconnection of Jabber clients to Unity

Everyone is experiencing this from time to time.  An employee will get a voicemail and sometimes Jabber will not show that they received it.  If they have a desk phone it will show, and even if they have IP Communicator it will show.  If you check the server status in Jabber it will show that the Unity server is disconnected.  Signing out and back in to Jabber will "fix" that issue to where it will now show the voicemail and allow you to listen to it.  Our employees have Jabber 9.2.3 and 9.6.1 installed (some still have CUPC and have the same issue).  Our Presence version is, CM is and Unity is 8.5.1ES40.12018-40.  Does anyone know why Jabber and CUPC will just disconnect from Unity for what seems to be no reason?

Cisco Employee

Can you confirm if you have

Can you confirm if you have notice excessive memory consumption on the unity connection server when you hear disconnection events ?


you can try to use the RTMT to check if there are memory spike that you notice on the unity connection server.

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I have RTMT and have not seen

I have RTMT and have not seen any instance where Unity had a memory spike, but we probably aren't seeing the issue right when it happens either.

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I am seeing this as well.

I am seeing this as well. Jabber for Windows 9.6.1

When logging into Jabber, I see visual voicemail for about 30 seconds and then the server disconnects.

My firewall is showing the client sending reset notifications.

Anyone have ideas? 

Cisco Employee

i would say we check whether

i would say we check whether the following two ports are opened across the firewall or not;

443 as well as 7080; J4W 9.2.x doc does mention both these ports and it seems you may have 7080 blocked.

here is the link for J4W 9.2.x


both the versions 9.2.x and 9.6.x use voicemail access with unity connection over VMREST.

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