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Persistent Chat Rooms Jabber 9.7.1 /w IM&P 10

I have configured a PostgreSQL DB and successfully configured a connection to it with IM&P Server. All check are successful. I have associated the Persistent Chat feature to the DB etc.

I have added the following line into the Jabber-config.xml file to allow the Chat Icon to appear in J4W.


However, I'm unsure of how to create a Chat Room? I've searched everywhere, through the IM&P Administration pages, Chat Administrtor Page, through the J4W client window etc.. I can flick through the Chat Room Tabs in J4W and create Filters.. but no chat rooms.

I haven't been able to find too much doco on the persistent chat rooms.


Any assistance is appreciated.





Unfortunately (I'm really not

Unfortunately (I'm really not making jokes) you can't do this with Cisco Jabber clients.

Use a generic XMPP client like Pidgin or Miranda IM.


Jabber for Windows / Mac is only able to join rooms.

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Thanks for your response.Do

Thanks for your response.

Do you know once a chat room has been created that a Cisco Jabber user can administer the room?


You can only join and leave

You can only join and leave rooms within the latest available jabber clients.

All features for administration

-is it persistant

-number of messages to dislpay

-password required



Can not be configured. I hope this will be available very soon. It's hard to explain why a 3rd party client has more features than the cisco jabber client....

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