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Porting Jabber Guest on an Android STB


I'm testing the Call Sample app, which comes along with the Jabber Guest SDK for Android v11, on Android Set-Top-Box.

====Box #1====

[dalvik.vm.heapsize]: [256m]

[]: [Hi3796MV100-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.zhangyuchun.20160516.121449 dev-keys]

[ro.product.board]: [bigfish]
[ro.product.brand]: [HiSTBAndroidV5]
[ro.product.cpu.abi2]: [armeabi]
[ro.product.cpu.abi]: [armeabi-v7a]
[ro.product.device]: [Hi3796MV100]
[ro.product.manufacturer]: [Hisilicon]
[ro.product.model]: [Hi3796MV100]


Success. It is able to call a Jabber client or join a conference, although the quality of video is limited to 360P, no matter what parameters configured in Conference Template in Conductor and Region in CUCM.

====Box #2====

[dalvik.vm.heapsize]: [256m]

[]: [aosp_ponkan32-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY47V ANMI- dev-keys]

[ro.opengles.version]: [131072]
[ro.product.board]: [ponkan]
[ro.product.brand]: [MStar]
[ro.product.cpu.abi2]: [armeabi]
[ro.product.cpu.abi]: [armeabi-v7a]
[ro.product.cpu.abilist32]: [armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
[ro.product.cpu.abilist64]: []
[ro.product.cpu.abilist]: [armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
[ro.product.device]: [ponkan]
[ro.product.manufacturer]: [MStar Semiconductor, Inc.]
[ro.product.model]: [SE818]
[]: [aosp_ponkan32]


Failed. The box is able to join a conference at the very first time, with some noise in the up-link audio. Then it fails to call/join any conference, no matter what action we take such as reboot, reinstall, re-factory and so on.

The situation is:

1) Click "Call"        - screen switches to call and preview windows.

2) then message "connecting..." shows

3) then the screen switches back to the main windows, and message "end call ..." shows

The STB log of above steps is enclosed.

May I have any idea?

By the way, 3rd STB with another brand of ARM chipset / Android 4.4.2 is able to up-link audio and video, failed to decode down-link audio/video. I believe chipset is the key difference.



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