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presence status of phone lines on Jabber


I have a question regarding the presence status on Jabber.

If I install a presence server to a customer, and only a certain number of people wish to have Jabber clients installed, is it possible to configure it in a such way that these people with Jabber can see the BLF status of other users who only have phones? That means if somebody who has no jabber talks on the phone, he can be seen as red/orange/green on the jabber clients of other users?. That would be the kind of status that is displayed in the Attendant Console, I suppose.


I tried to make this work, but although everything else seems to work (CTI, status of jabber users, jabber as softphones), but had no luck.


Users are set on lines, lines on users, cti controlling allowed, subscribe CSS set on trunk





Cisco Employee

Yes, but you'll get the most

Yes, but you'll get the most basic presence, either it's off, or it will be orange and say "offline, on a call" as soon as they pickup the handset. That's all you'll get.

Make sure all user/device/line associations are in place, as well as the SIP trunk to IM&P can monitor those phones.



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Hi I'm able to see the status

Hi I'm able to see the status on the CUP server via Presence Viewer.

So if i take an off line user, and then take a user there is login with jabber, then I can see the status on the phone.

And if i do an wireshark on the windows machine where the jabber user is login I can see i get an event.

But nothing happens in jabber.

Do you know if it is the DN there should match on the phone and the on the off line jabber user ?


It works if both user is online!



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