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QoS and Movi

We are in the process of implementing some VTC on the network.  Our network plan was to have seperate subnets for video, voice and PC traffic to ease QoS and access control.  Unfortunately, we have been informed that there will be movi clients are well which destroys the scheme since some of the video traffic will originate from PCs.

We would prefer not to trust markings coming from workstations.  Does anybody know if there is anything available or in the works to deal with this?


Re: QoS and Movi

The CTVCS (Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Server, where you normally register Movis) supports Diffserv tags (0-63) to apply to all signalling and media packets which is being routed through the server. For traversal calls all packets will be tagged (media & signalling), and for non-traversal calls only the signalling will be tagged. CTVCS also supports IPv6 Diffserv QoS.

The CTVCS puts the specified tag value in the TOS (Type Of Service) field of the IPv4 header or TC (Traffic Class) field of the IPv6 header.

You can find more information about Diffserv here:

Let me know if you need more information regarding this.



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QoS and Movi

Does the VCS apply DSCP markings to media packets that are not routed via VCS?  Such as a non-traversal call?  I've been looking into QoS for Movi (Jabber) and exploring the use of Nbar to determine the type of traffic I want to apply to a Queue, but is this overkill?  Can I use DSCP regardless of the call type with Movi?

Thanks in advance, Glen

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