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report of client versions

Does anyone know of a way to generate a report/extract info from CUIMPS 9.1.1SU2 or CUCM 9.1.2 that shows the number of presence clients(cups or jabber) and their version?



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Not apart from listing them

Not apart from listing them in the GUI (Application>Cisco Jabber>User Settings) list all then copy & paste....


I would assume there would be an SQL query to run from CLI but I am not up with the statements for CUPS.

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This used to display on the

This used to display on the user search page but with IM and Presence it appears that it is gone. I used this to send a report of out of date clients to desktop support for updating.

Has this moved to another location or is there a way to bring the client version field back to this search page?

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Has anyone found a workaround

Has anyone found a workaround yet? In 8.X versions you could search users in CUPS and the client version was there. Since Presence users moved to CUCM in 9.x and above I can't find a place to get version info per client except for "if" the user has a CSF device that has been registered which is not the case for all of our users.


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Thank you Jaime.

Thank you Jaime.

I may give this a try next change control window. We have a few thousand users and I am concerned about CPU on the IM&P Pub when running the query. Hopefully Cisco will bake this into a future release as it was helpful tracking Jabber versions.

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