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Reprogram "Chatanswer" button in pop-up



Is it possible to access the Cisco code of the Jabber pop-up screen to reprogram the "Chatanswer" button that appears next to the green accept and red decline button when you receive a call???


I have no interest of doing this myself but I want to know if there are people who know how to do this. Or if cisco is willing to do this....


I need it to open a url with the following syntax http://*****/***.dll/dialogpage=PassThrough.htm&AFD=50&PHONE=Phone number]

Were the xxx's stands for an internal CRM website.


Why do I need this ? The company of the CRM in question is unable to get it's pop-up application syncronised between the different 2 citrixs in the farm. Added to that is the fact that my ICT-partner is unable to turn of the Jabber pop-up as I use Jabber as internal communication platform. So why not solve both problems and re-use the chat-button as a refurbished button to open the CRM page of the caller in question...


Best regards !

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Hello, Nobody is able to do



Nobody is able to do this... I finally asked an unsolvable question ?

Alternatively: is anybody able to tell me how to kill the Jabber pop-up ?


Kind regards !

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