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Stop Jabber From Becoming Default IM

Hi All!

I'm curious what the correct procedure is for stopping Jabber from taking the default IM away from my preferred IM each time Jabber loads? I know it would be ideal to only use one IM Application but in my case that just isn't possible at the moment. I use Jabber strictly for phone integration and call forwarding as I work remote. I use *cough* Lync as my default IM Application. It is the App I would like integrated with Outlook. Which I can make it the default after every load but is there a way to make it permanent? I know I can change the IM Providers key but if I close Jabber and then load it again, it takes over the default and I have to change it back! Please let me know your thoughts and what, if any, additional info you need from me! :)

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This same issue goes for

This same issue goes for phone calls as well. With the new continuity features for Mac, it allows you to use your iPhone to make calls from your Mac. I can change the setting within FaceTime to make my iPhone the default for new audio calls, but every time Jabber loads, it hijacks the default. When clicking on a phone number on a webpage or in my contacts, I would like it to use my iPhone, but every time Jabber is restarted, it resets itself to the default.

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