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New Member

Transfer Jabber Guest clients

Hi all,

Is it possible to transfer a Cisco Jabber Guest client?

So for example: A Jabber Guest client dials an EX60 and that EX60 wants to transfer the Jabber Guest to a VMR.

Kind regards,


Cisco Employee

Hi Peter,Yes, you can

Hi Peter,

Yes, you can transfer a Cisco Jabber Guest client.

One caveat: on the Jabber Guest client, the Display Name (what is shown in upper left corner when call is connected) will not change when the call is transferred to the VMR (or other endpoint). 


New Member

Hi Mike,Thanks for your

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response.

I am trying to make the transfer but it always fails. We are using Jabber Guest with Expressways. Is it maybe only working in combination with Callmanager ?

Any thoughts on how I can perform some additional diagnostics on why it fails ?



Cisco Employee

Hi Peter,I just tested in our

Hi Peter,

I just tested in our alpha deployment with Expressways and transfer worked.  Did a call between Jabber Guest and EX90 then transferred to Jabber.  What is the VMR you are transferring too?

Also what happens when the transfer fails?  Does the call just drop from Jabber Guest perspective, or is there an error displayed on the Jabber Guest client? 

As for logging, you can downloads logs through the Admin, go to Logs, Web Application Log.

Reproduce the problem then download the current log.  You should be able to see the SIP messages passing through Jabber Guest from there.  However, you might be best served opening up a TAC case to investigate this issue further.



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