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URI dialing changed Outlook contact card

Hello I have provided all the versioning info etc at the bottom of this post.

The issue we are experiences is as follows. Before enabling SIP URI dialing within our Jabber Client the contact details for a User would display the following fields

BusinessPhone = person's AD "telephoneNumber" field and the

Other = persons AD "ipPhone" field

This was accomplished by way of editing the following values in the jabber-config.xml file


After Updating the jabber-config.xml file to the one listed below, the following display problem is now occurring in Outlook contact Cards.

The person's Telephone number is being replaced by the SIP URI (See Screenshot)

Is there a way to have SIP URI dialing turned on but continue to show the proper phone numbers in the Outlook contact card? If so how is this accomplished?

Jabber for Windows = 10.5.0

Windows Version 7


IMP version =


Our Jabber XML file looks like this

<config version="1.0">


New Member

Has anyone found a workaround

Has anyone found a workaround for this. 


I have upgraded to 10.5.2 CUCM and IMP and now using Jabber 10.6 and the contact card still only shows the SIP URI instead of both the SIP URI and the internal Extension. It also messes up the outlook contact card

No fix yet, but if you're

No fix yet, but if you're using outlook 2013 the issue isn't there anymore. Well, it shows both the number and the URI.

New Member

Thanks Christopher for the

Thanks Christopher for the update on 2013


could you comment if there is any fix to how jabber itself displays contacts differently after enabling URI dialing. I find the users are confused by seeing a uri form and not selecting it even though it's a valid way to ring an extension. Should be nice to have both the uri and ipPhone listed. 

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