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VCS expressway mobile or jabber guest mode or both ?


I've installed in my Lab VCS expressway C and E for mobile remote access . Now i would like to test also Jabber Guest , according to Cisco Doc it's NOT possible to use the same VCS for the both features. As i don't want to re-configure a new VCS , is it possible to use the same VCS either for Mobile access OR for Jabber Guest access JUST by changing parameters "unified communication mode" on VCS from mobile access to jabber guest ? ( and for sure configure jabber guest server and all required parameters )



Cisco Employee

Hi - I'm not familiar with

Hi - I'm not familiar with the configuration required for MRA, however you should be able to reconfigure the same VCS pair for Jabber Guest, instead of MRA.  Just not sure if what you list above is all that needs to be changed.  Try it out though, and report back with your results!


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Hello,According to this:You


According to this:

You cannot use the same Cisco Expressway-C and Cisco Expressway-E pair or cluster for both Cisco Jabber Guest and Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access.


So knowing that there is a promo on until the end of the year for 2 free sessions does that mean we have to order another set of VCS servers from your partner?


FYI info


Here is the info.


Cisco Jabber Guest Current Promotion [Ordered through the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT

JABG-EXP-2SBDL-K9=     Jabber Guest 2 Session Bundle with 4 Expressway Rich Media Sessions $0

Available through December 31st 2014, each CUCM 9.X or higher customer with ESW and UCSS is eligible for a Jabber Guest session bundle which includes
two free Expressway Rich Media Sessions and two sessions of Jabber Guest. Note that the Rich Media Sessions work out to two sessions across both the
E and the C, i.e. two Rich Media Sessions on theSeries E and two Rich Media Sessions on the Series C Servers


Cisco Employee

Hello, The promotion provides



The promotion provides 2 concurrent sessions of Guest and 4 Rich Media Sessions.  It does not include any hardware or VCS servers, so you would need to either use existing Expressway E & C, or Purchase if you don't already have them.



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They are actually included

They are actually included with the be6 or 7k (assuming you have one), they can be purchased for $0 from partner/distribution with a valid ESW/UCSS.

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