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Visual Voicemail Jabber 9.2 with IMP 9.1

Have confgured jabber 9.2 with IMP 91. All is working fine except Visual Voicemail. I can see that Jabber is logging onto CUC as when I cahnge the Web Application password in CUC, the Jabber client throws another error saying it is not logged onto Voicemail. When the passwords are correct, I get the message " Cisco Jabber is not connected to your Voicemail server. 

Tried both softphone and deskphone mode.

Restarted IMAP Service in CUC.

Have mailstore configured as a UC Service and associated to a UC Profile etc.

Voicemail box has been setup and I have One unread message in there.

I do not have any mailstore related info in the jabber-config.xml file.. I havent need to do this in the past.

Have rebooted my PC.

I can listen to voicemail messages, as I have also associated the Voicemail Button to the jabber client.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

Also any SDL traces I can do in CUC or CUCM to trace whats is actually going between Jabber and CUC.



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Visual Voicemail Jabber 9.2 with IMP 9.1

Hey All,

Have just resolved this.. In the jabber logs under my User profile, I saw this line "Failed for with error: returning error  NOT_AUTHORIZED : password must change, you must reset your password using the password reset URI"

So I checked the Password settings for the web application password and sure enough it was set to have me change my password upon login.


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