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Voicemail on the mac client

I've followed all the documentation in the Cisco Jabber for Mac guide (
) and everything is working great except voicemail. The only part of the voicemail setup that I didn't follow to the letter was "Step 6:

If one does not already exist, specify a web application password in Cisco Unity Connection for the applicable user accounts." These accounts are LDAP sync'd so I can't set/change the web application password. Has anyone got this working and did you have to do anything special to make it work? I've attached an image of the setting on the client and the thing that really sticks out to me is the port only shows -- ; does anyone have a working client they can look at to tell me if this is where my problem may be?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Voicemail on the mac client

From the screen capture, it looks like Jabber is configured to connect to Unity over HTTPS, rather than Unity Connection over IMAP.  So it'll attempt to connect to the Unity patner mailstore server ( from your screen capture) to download the voicemail messages to the Mac for playback.  The protocol seems to be set to TLS without a port, so it should default to port 143.  But if your partner Exchange server isn't listening on that port, then you'd need to update the Mailstore configuration in CUPS to reflect the correct port, and verify the user is associated with that profile in CUPS.  Then when you re-authenticate with Jabber, it should retrive the new configuration.

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Voicemail on the mac client

Thanks for helping out, I had already decided this must not work on Jabber for mac.

Ok, then I had to have configured something wrong, I needed this to connect to Unity Connection; what would I need to do to correct this?

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Re: Voicemail on the mac client

Here's my CUP configuration (this is how it's been since my OP), I can't see where anything would be misconfigured.

Any help appreciated

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Re: Voicemail on the mac client

I mentioned it looks like it's trying to connect to Unity rather than Unity Connection because the display string in the server window is printing out "Unity Address" rather than "Unity Con Address".  But if the client has never been able to establish a connection, I believe it will always default to "Unity"; then change to "Unity Con" when/if it's able to validate it's a Unity Connection server.

Your configuration on CUPS seems correct.  The only other thing I'd check in CUPS is if the end-user is associated with the Voicemail Profile that is using those two configurations.  You can also verify the Mailstore settings for the Inbox Folder, etc.  It that all looks correct, you may want to check if UC is listening on port 7993.

Other than that, you may want to verify the end-user credentials in the Accounts settings on the Jabber Mac client.  You could also try changing the Server Settings to Manual and type in your Unity Connection server there to see if that has any difference.  Otherwise, we'd probably need to get a PRT from the client experiencing this problem to see what the diagnostics are attempting to do when it's attempting a connection to the server after a fresh login.

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Voicemail on the mac client


Did you guys ever get this working?  I have Jabber for windows working and now I am trying the Mac client.  The Mac client has the same issue you are having in this post.

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Re: Voicemail on the mac client

I had an issue with this as well and after working with TAC we were able to get connected.

   Voicemail Server

    Unity Address: C*****

    Port:             80

    Protocol:             HTTP

    Message Store:         C******

    Port:             143

    Protocol:             TCP

    User ID:            ****

    Secure messaging:     Not available

    Connection type:    Unsecure

    Status:             Connected

So on mailstore i am doing port 143 - TCP

On Voice Mail server is 80 - http

I am not using HTTPS for my web connection. We could not get connected unitl these settings were change.

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