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whilst testing new versions of jabber prompting for serveral certificates during login process

Whilst testing teh new versions of Jabber for windows 9.6.1 and 9.7 have noticed that is now prompting for serveral certificates to be accepted during the login process.


for 9.6.1 these are

Primary presence

secondary presence

primary TFTP

primary Voicemail


jabber 9.7 asks for

the server address for the presence

the domain

primary TFTP

secondary TFTP

primary Voicemail

The root CA certificate was uploaded to each server in the cluster.


Whilst understand TFTP servers need to be restarted is there a particular order in which the above serves need to be rebooted and best  way gui or via cli utils?

Any professional help appreciated.






Cisco Employee

-> I dont think we need to

-> We will need to consider the following senario if you are still receiving the prompt for the certificate; here is a senario that you should consider looking into;


Prevent Identity Mismatch

If users attempt to connect to a server with an IP address, and the server certificate identifies the server with an FQDN, the client cannot identify the server as trusted and prompts the user.

If your server certificates identify the servers with FQDNs, you should plan to specify each server name as FQDN throughout your environment.


here is a link that talks about the same;


i hope this helps.




New Member

Hi thanks for the message and

Hi thanks for the message and URL which I am studying and looking at the UC network as I did not implement so even more difficult to understand.

Is there any 'pecking order' when adding version changes by the way? Thats for anyone who has done this before.





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