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XMPP Federation with VCS/Expressway 8.1.1 in DMZ to IMP Node?

Customer is setting up a open XMPP Federation with  They would like to know if a more secure solution than NAT public ip to private:5269 is available.

Can we route XMPP  traffic to VCS/Expressway 8.1.1 in DMZ and have that route to the IMP Node inside?


IMP 10.0.1SU1

Reference on XMPP Federation


Cisco Employee

Hi Jason, This feature is not

Hi Jason,


This feature is not tested or supported at present. I'm unsure if this is in the road-map, but I will double check.



Nirmal Issac

Cisco Employee

Hi Jason,XMPP Federation on

Hi Jason,

XMPP Federation on Expressway will be available from Expressway v8.2, which is due for release. We do not have definite date on the release but should be soon

With the new version(8.2), XMPP federation can be setup directly on the Expressway

With the current release, you can setup the XMPP federation on the IM&P server and clients logging in through MRA/Expressway will be able to communicate to federated contacts and this traffic would be through Expressway 

Expressway 8.2 has been

Expressway 8.2 has been published on CCO

if you want to follow the instructions to federate using VCS-E go to the Admin Guide:



New Member

VCS/Expressway is out in

VCS/Expressway is out in version 8.2.1 with XMPP federation. Check Expressway Administrator Guide for detailed description and configuration steps.

For our deployment its working perfectly.


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