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Callway and Jabber Video Question

I have a question regarding "Free Movi" that I heard about during a SMB

Callway Webex.

From what I understood, any clients that are to purchase a single premium

endpoint subscription would then be given a link to provide to their

customers who could then download and install Movi and allow them to call

not only the initial client that provided them with this, but also from

Movi to Movi... Is this correct? When will this happen? Also, when and

where can I get details to the updated list of devices that will be

supported, I heard rumors that the SX20 will be supported soon...

I asked this to Callway support and they gave me a link to the Jabber Forum here as they supposedly do not answer questions about this. Intersting... I would think if it is a product they provide, they should be able to at least provide some basic support i.e. do they use it or not...




Callway and Jabber Video Question

A short comment re "future" Jabber here:

You might want to add your question to that thread.


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