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Camera drivers causing one of my transforms to fail

Have been using Jabber Video for a couple of years. Recently though and infrequently, the webcam drivers (generic or logitech) have been causing one of my transform dialing to my bridge to fail.

I have looked into this issue and am at a complete loss. When the issue appears, the messages no incoming video and no incoming audio appears. Also the video either freezes on a black screen. When looking at the search history on the VCS, the call is going through as normal. Looking at the event log the call is successful, but terminates immediately with a normal call clearing code. However, the call never actually hits my bridge.

I have determined that the camera drivers are causing the issue. When the issue appears I have gone in and disabled the camera and tried to use the same transform and the call is successful. Re-enable the camera and the call fails. I can replicate this over and over.

All other dialing methods are unaffected (ie:sip to sip, IP, e.164.) The only one affected is a short dialing transform.

I am using the following cameras and have the same issue with each.

Logitech C525

Logitech pro3000


As the issue is so infrequent and appears to affect random systems it is extremely hard to pin down the cause. Any help that be offered would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Your issue appears to be


Your issue appears to be specific to the Cisco Jabber Video client itself, and not the free beta service.

Please repost your issue at the following link for further assistance:




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