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Jabber 4.4 failure to make any calls with NAT


I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice with Jabber video not working through NAT.

I am using Jabber Video for Telepresence (free client) 4.4 on Windows XP and have it configured with defaults. Connected to an Ethernet LAN, it registers fine and I can make test calls to various test addresses found on the Internet, e.g. .

Connected to a satellite link (this is a direct to consumer satellite broadband connection, similar to HughesNet) it still registers but when making a call to any endpoint, it sits on Calling for 50 seconds, and then fails with Call Denied.

My satellite provider gives me a private address and performs NAT on their end. I understand the NAT is symmetric NAT, of course being a consumer broadband connection I have no control over what NAT my provider does.

I have no log files in Docs & Settings / Username / Application Data / Cisco / JabberVideo / Username, only recentcalls.xml.

When I look at a call setup attempt with Wireshark, I see many, many STUN allocate requests (duplicates!), failures (401 unauthorized with and successes, some SIP TCP (TLS encrypted), then 30 seconds later some more SIP TCP, STUN refresh requests, some returning with 437 allocation mismatch, more SIP TCP corresponding with the end of the call.

Any hints?

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Jabber 4.4 failure to make any calls with NAT


Is there even any way to log what Jabber is doing so that I can see where it's failing?

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Jabber 4.4 failure to make any calls with NAT

Hi  kpineabdn,

You can enable and collect jabber video SIP/ICE logs to see what's going with the call. Can you send logs to, if you have a chance to do so?

Here is the procedue:

Go to “My Computer”

Select “Local Disk (C:)”

Select “Users”

Select “Documents and Settings”

Select the appropriate User name

Select “Local Settings”

Select “Application Data”

Select ”Cisco”

Select “JabberVideo”

Select “Logs”

Edit “Logs.ini” file

- to change “SIP Level” from “WARNING” to “DEBUG”

- to add ICE DEBUG

Save File

Sigh Out of JabberVideo

Re-Open JabberVideo and conduct test call (to reproduce issue)

Go back to and select “Logs” folder

Right-click “Logs” and select “Send to”

Select “Compressed (Zip) “Folder” and save the folder

The flie contains all needed logs

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