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Outbound calls from MCU to "Free" JabberVideo drops

Been seeing this issue for quite a while now: Codian 4520 MCU software revision 4.5(1.45) VCS-C and VCS-E software revision x8.1.1

"Free" JabberVideo versions 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8

Outbound calls from MCU to addresses drops after 8minutes 33seconds Point - point calls to not affected.

Outbound calls from MCU to enterprise version not affected.

Inbound calls from to same MCU not affected

It looks very much like a SIP timer issue, however, I cannot see how this can be on our side as it does only affects outbound calls to addresses, not our enterprise clients nor inbound calls from to MCU, nor poin-point. cheers jens

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Cisco Employee

Hi Jens,Have you done a SIP

Hi Jens,

Have you done a SIP debug on the Jabber Video client and at the MCU to see if there is any messaging to help look into this further?

I have attached the instructions to SIP debug the software that I believe you already know, but just in case.

Let me know if you can see anything out of the norm.


Hi Jason,Attached logs from a

Hi Jason,

Attached logs from a test I did tonight from home.

cheers jens


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Cisco Employee

Hi Jens,The engineer looking

Hi Jens,

The engineer looking at this is asking to see the MCU logs along with the SIP debug logs from the Cisco Jabber Video client from start to finish of the call.

You can send these via private message so they are not attached to this thread.


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