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Cisco Employee

RDP Issue

I have a partner on the beta who sent me this:

While vpn’d into a client site, I tried to remote desktop into a clients server and RDP did not function. Once I shut down the jabber video client RDP worked again. Is this a known issue?

Cisco Employee

RDP Issue


I have not run into this issue as I have multiple RDP sessions on port 3389 unless you have an RDP that uses the same port as  CJV.

Rick Mai

Community Member

RDP Issue

Thank you Nick for posting my original issue. I wanted to update with exactly what occured so there is no gray area.

While on the clients vpn I had the Jabber client running but not connected, it was just open as a service on my pc task bar. When i attempted to rdp into a windows server using the rdp cleint that comes with windows 7 the rdp program came up, I entered the ip address and the connection did not connect to the server and just sat there stating it was connecting as if on a slow link but never connected. When i stopped the jabber client by closing it from the task bar in windows 7 and restarted the rdp again it went right through. There are no blocked ports, i cannot change the ports that windows7 rdp uses.

~ Greg

Community Member

RDP Issue

Hi Greg,

Is this behavior happening consistently (so that you can rule out temporary network conditions, etc)?  It's definitely curious because you mentioned that the client was running but not connected, in which case no ports should be in use by the application yet that would interfere with RDP.


Community Member

Re: RDP Issue

I know this sounds crazy but it happens consistantly. Let me give some additional details. I have a bunch of vmware machines in my lab which are running various versions of Cisco voice software applications including win3k server acting as ldap, dns etc. The lab has a pix 515E that connects to an internet connection. I am using cisco vpn client My win7 laptop is running Windows 7 Professional N sp1.

If you like we could webex and I show you or whatever you need to help resolve this I can make myself available.

This happens with client networks or in my lab


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