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Registration failure


I have just registered for a jabber account. I have received an email telling me I can download and install the software after which I can sign in. All of which I have done. Every time I try to log in I receive an error message saying 'Login Failed due to registration failure. If the problem persists contact IT support'. I have waited 24 hours and it still doesn't work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. And I have tried registering with an alternate email address.

None of which seem to solve the problem. Can you please help.


Cisco Employee

Registration failure

Hi Sheena,

Are you using this from home or at work?  It's possible the Jabber Video network access is being blocked by a router, firewall, or even your anti-virus security software.  You may want to look into these.  If you are at work, can you test this from home?  Also, here are the network ports used for this service and would need to be allowed by the firewall for outbound access, i.e. desination ports:

5061 - TCP

3478 - TCP and UDP

80 - TCP

5349 - TCP

443 - TCP

If you have anti-virus software with network security embedded, try disabling this feature or the AV client altogether temporarily for testing.

I hope this was helpful.


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