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resolved: OS X - Camera not found

Mac OS X 10.7.3

Cisco Jabber Video 4.4 build 14479

Three cameras: built-in, USB Logitech C910, Bluetooth BT-1

Having tested these cameras with Skype, Vsee, Bluejeans, GTalk, Google Hangouts, Vidtel, Vidyo and a few others I don't recall the name of, they all work with all of those. Those apps also detect Manycam and Camtwist drivers, if present.

None of the cameras are recognized and it's not possible to change "automatic selection".  After install, I tried reboot, usually not necessary. Also attempted to use Manycam and Camtwist, neither is recognized.

I made a call and saw the correspondent, and we heard each other fine. The product looks interesting, so I hope to see a new version soon.

I did see the previous post about this, but it is not related to the problem I am having.

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Cisco Employee

OS X - Camera not found


Do you have any other application that might be using/running the camera at the moment?

Please disable any apps that could be using the camera to see if it detect the camera.

Rick Mai.

New Member

OS X - Camera not found

No, there is no app using the camera. Every conference application I named above works with the three cameras:

Skype, Vsee, Bluejeans, GTalk, Google Hangouts, Vidtel, Vidyo.

Thanks in advance for your help.


OS X - Camera not found

Does it work with an earlier version of Jabber 4.3x after removing the old one?

If you are using the new Cisco Jabber Cloud place the following in the internal server section:

New Member

OS X - Camera not found

I wasn't about to make changes on a system where everything else works, including the video apps I mentioned.

But here's the interesting thing: Out of nowhere, it found two cameras today. Then I added the BT-1 (Bluetooth cam) and it didn't detect any cameras. Remove the BT-1 and it works again with the two other cams.

So it works, although it's the only video app that doesn't see the BT or (and more importantly) doesn't see any cameras when the BT-1 is connected and on. Something Cisco might want to look at?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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