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SIP-Enabled Codecs unable to dial Jabber Video clients

We have several Cisco codecs, including C20 and C60 units.  I have them registered to a local SIP proxy, and we are able to dial them from our Jabber Video clients fine.  (I have used both the free Jabber Video and Jabber Video clients registered to other VCS's)  I discovered this morning that we are unable to dial the other way though....when I put into one of my C20's for example, it is unable to connect, and I get no prompt for an incoming call on the Jabber client.  It is the same regardless of the free version or versions registered to an independent VCS.

I recall in the past that this was working...if a call dropped, I was able to dial the client back from my codec.  Did something change recently to disallow this?  I've double checked that all my SIP NetworkServices are enabled in the codec's administrative options.


Cisco Employee

SIP-Enabled Codecs unable to dial Jabber Video clients

Hi Matt,

This sounds like something changed on your end.  However, I can only answer for the network.  Other VCS-E setups will be different.  You need to make sure your SIP srv record is setup.  You also need to make sure you have a CA root certificate from the list provided by the link below:

You may also want to review your SIP logs to confirm why the calls are being rejected.


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