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Video Jabber Video for Telepresence v4.8 stops trying to re-connect


All other IM clients I have will notice when my computer gets disconnected from its Internet connection, will indicate this in the window, and keep retrying endlessly.

Cisco Video Jabber will not do this. It'll pop up a dialogue box saying "disconnected" with a click box saying "sign-in". Until I press this, I'll be disconnected. This is obviously not the way one wants an IM client to work. 

So this is a feature request to change the behaviour of the software client. It should never do a pop-up saying it was disconnected but instead this should be indicated somewhere in the window, and as long as it's started, it should try its best to keep staying connected and try to reconnect endlessly without user interaction.


Cisco Employee

Hi mikaelabrahamsson,If you


  The software actually does try to stay connected as well, and will do its best even with packet loss and low bandwidth, but if either of these are too severe the call will be disconnected.



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Just to clarify, this is that

Just to clarify, this is that the Video Jabber client won't re-register after being disconnected from the server. This has nothing to do with calling.

I have an open TAC case on this now, after getting help from account team to open case. It seems TAC has been instructed to not accept cases on Movi but instead refer to this support forum.

Cisco Employee

Hi mikaelabrahamsson,I did

Hi mikaelabrahamsson,

I did some research, and although I cannot replicate your issue please make sure the option to “Sign in automatically” is on or checked.  This is on by default, but maybe it was deselected.

If this option is enabled, then please take a screenshot of the error message/instance and provide it.  I also need to see the audit log, which you can send me via private message.

From Windows, audit log can be found at the following path: "c:\users\your_profile\AppData\Local\Cisco\JabberVideo\Logs"

From MAC, audit log can be found here: "user_profile\Library\Logs\Jabber Video"


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Hi,after some help from the


after some help from the account team, I managed to open a TAC request on this problem. My TAC case number is #630095615 , if you have access to that, it has plenty of details including audit log excerpts. It's perfectly reproducible on my Macbook after resuming from sleep for instance. It also happens if I break network connectivity (by unplugging my WAN port cable on my NAT router for instance), then I get a popup saying it was disconnected and it won't re-reigster again until I press "ok" and then press "sign in". During my normal work day I have to press "sign in" multiple times per day. Login automatically is selected.

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