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1 vlan is not working, why?? Help

My core has created 10 vlans, my edge switch learn all of them through the trunk link. But there is 1 vlan not working at all. servers place in this VLAN is not pingable to core layer 3 interface, servers are not pingable to other servers within same vlan as well. So i suspect its a layer 2 problem.

when i do a show vtp status on the problematic edge switch:

MOM-SVR5#sh vtp statius us

VTP Version : 2

Configuration Revision : 33

Maximum VLANs supported locally : 1005

Number of existing VLANs : 18

VTP Operating Mode : Client

VTP Domain Name : MOMSVRFM

VTP Pruning Mode : Enabled

VTP V2 Mode : Disabled

VTP Traps Generation : Disabled

MD5 digest : 0x8E 0x30 0x39 0x41 0xAD 0x49 0x62 0x4E

Configuration last modified by x.x.x.x at ^@^@:^@^@:^@^@

the date shows funny charactor which i suppose corruption to the vlan.dat file.

After i delete the file, when it relearn the VTP info and construct a new VLAN.dat. the problem still persists.

My solution is copy the vlan.dat from another similar model switch to this switch to resolve it.

But what causes it? any expert to advice??

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Re: 1 vlan is not working, why?? Help

That's very odd, have you tried upgrading the switch's IOS version ?



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Re: 1 vlan is not working, why?? Help

nope.. i didnt upgrade the IOS.

This problem just happend, its not like it has been there all along

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Re: 1 vlan is not working, why?? Help

Hi, I think you may have a IOS bug in your software, BUGS will sometime lay dormant in the IOS and then all of a sudden they will start causing problems. I agree with the previous post from Edison you might look into an IOS upgrade, also the switch you plan on coping the vlan.dat is it running the same IOS? is it having similar problems? I posted some link below that may help. HTH

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