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10 Ge interface speed


Can anyone confirm if a 10Ge interface can be set down to 1Ge if required ?




10 Ge interface speed

hi chris,

i'm afraid not.

7606(config)#int te2/2


sap-priority  service   service-policy  shutdown    smrp

sna           snapshot  snmp            source      spanning-tree

stack-mib     standby   storm-control   switchport  sync-restart-delay




Re: 10 Ge interface speed

There are Interfaces that you can use both 1 gig or 10 gig sfp in.

There are other interfaces that you can only use 10Gig sfp in.

So it depends on what equipment and where the port is located.

FX the Nexus 5000 has some ports that are both 1/10gig sfp compatible and some ports that are only 10gig compatible in the same unit.

The 3750x C3KX-NM-10G has 4 SFP ports that you either can use 2 10Gig or 4 1gig or 1 10gig and 2 1gig.

So the answer is we do not know.

We lack the information needed to tell you if the equipment you are thinging about  is possible to change speed between 1 and 10 gig.

If you tell us the hardware you are thinking about then we might be able to help you to a better answer.

Good luck


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10 Ge interface speed

Can anyone confirm if a 10Ge interface can be set down to 1Ge if required ?


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10 Ge interface speed


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If the 10 gig interface supports SFP+ it can support gig or 10 gig.  Actual SFP transceiver module would determine supported bandwidth.  Except for the 10/100/1000 copper transceiver module, transceiver will generally only support one bandwidth.

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