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10G Ethernet Module

never dealt with this size bw - need help. access sw with sup-720-3BXL + 10G Eth module. If I'm connecting 20 servers with 1G interfaces to the 48-port module. How should I uplink to distribution and do I use/need the Sup uplink port? The Dist switch also has the same sup and 10G eth module. having trouble getting my head around this.

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Re: 10G Ethernet Module

Connect them straight away making trunk for distribution switch.. should be ok. You don't need the Sup uplink port.



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Re: 10G Ethernet Module

I would also recommend you to check the oversubscription information of the line cards.That will help you to match the traffic load with the appropriate hardware.

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Re: 10G Ethernet Module

10 gig to 10 gig would be the best interconnect choice.

On the server edge, for 20 gig port servers, one 10 gig port will give you a 2:1 oversubscription, which is quite reasonable unless you expect your 20 servers to all be busy more than half the time.

Ideally, the 48 port gig card is also a cef 720 card like the 10 gig cards. Unsure whether a classic only card can communicate with a cef 720 card. Most cef 256 cards, those with both the single fabric connection and classic bus connection, would bottleneck first on their single 8 gig fabric connection unless they can use 32 gig classic bus.

Something else to keep in mind, a sup720 is rated, for the entire chassis, at 15 Mpps for classic bus connected cards and 30 Mpps for fabric connected cards. This supports, for 64 bytes packets, about 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps, respectively. For a chassis with single 10 gig uplink and 20 gig connected servers, this shouldn't be an issue. If you want to push more, you may need to consider using cards with DFCs.

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