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12.4(18b) MD release

I am currently thinking of changing IOS(12.4(12)) to 12.4(18b) on ISR2811 Routers,

because of IOS Bug.(CSCsm27943(ER might not connect circut w/ DLSW-ER:(CSM):startdl_pend timer expired. ))

12.4(18b) is released on May 20 in 2008 and the status is not GD, but MD.

12.4(19) whose status is GD has already been released before the release of 12.4(18b).

So why is the status of 12.4(18b) MD?

I just want to make sure that changing IOS(12.4(12)) to 12.4(18b) on ISR2811 doesn't cause other any problems?

Is 12.4(18b) MD release related to the bulletin below?

what exaclty does this bulletin mean? I am just curious.

Cisco IOS Software General Deployment (GD) Program Retirement



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Re: 12.4(18b) MD release

On the upgrade planner, I see 12.4.19 as LD, where did you see it as GD?

With regard to the question of what version of 12.4 to use, I believe under new mainline IOS release rules, which I haven't seen published, 12.4 mainline is being treated much as other non-mainline software trains have been. I.e., features can be added to later numerical releases, e.g. (19) could have new hardware or software features not in (12), but letter suffixes should(?) be just bug fixes, e.g. (18) vs. (18b), although they might not be all inclusive.

Just the other day, I discovered a router upgraded to 12.4.19 wouldn't display policy map interface stats where prior versions of 12.4 do, including (3j) and (18b).

So the moral of all this might be to be very careful in upgrade choices within 12.4. For instance, if not already, you might want to look at the latest (12), (12c), and see if this also addresses the bug you're concerned about. Likewise, even consider moving "back" to something like (3j) hoping for stability if later release features are unnecessary.

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Re: 12.4(18b) MD release

Thank josephdoherty for your quick reply.

Believe me, I made sure several times the status of 12.4.19 is GD, not LD on the upgrade planner before I posted my question with my coworkers.

But today when I reached that site, for some reason the status hss changed to LD,I don't know why. Probably someone printed the site out at the time. So I'll ask my coworkers for it.

Anyway I agree with you. If my understanding is right, 12.4 should be mainline, so 12.4 should be treated as mainline IOS.

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