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1242 access not getting enough power from WS-3560-POE24 switch

Hi all,

       I have a strange problem. I tried to connect a 1242 access point to a cisco 3560 POE-24 switch, but the access point is not getting enough power. when i issue a "sh power inline" command it shows me that the access point is drawing a power of only 5.8 watts with a power class of 3. The switch is capable of providing a total power of 370watts. All the 24 ports in the switch are fast ethernet. I tried changing the access points to check whether its a problem form the access point. But it was the same with all. When i logged into the access point through GUI it gave me a message that all the radios are be shut down due to insufficient inline power. Its saying either to use a power injector or upgrade the power source. when I tried the "power inline maximum" command it says that there is no shuch command. For power inline i had only two options "never / auto ". When the access point just powers up i can see that the switch is offering it 15.4 watts power but later on when it boots up completely the power changes to 5.8watts. Is this an access point issue or a switch issue??.. Please help me

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Re: 1242 access not getting enough power from WS-3560-POE24 swit

A few quick thoughts to ensure the physical bases are covered...

1) Ensure the cabling is Cat5e or better...certified, not home-built best-effort.

2) Ensure the distance limits of the cabling in use is not exceeded.

3) Test the AP using a short pre-fab patch cable at the switch.

4) If the AP is in its permanent home in the ceiling, PoE likes to hop thru a termination block instead of a long home-run cable with a RJ45 on one side and the IDF patch panel on the other.



Re: 1242 access not getting enough power from WS-3560-POE24 swit

    Post a "show power inline"  and check to see what power the switch has left available to supply .  What other devices are on that switch that it has to supply power for ?

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