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1811w / 1841 config and T1 connectivity.

I am looking at installing a new 1841 ISR and I want to know if my current config that is running on my 1811W (12.4(6)T6) will work? (With some changes of course)

Also, I want to install the 1841 for T1 access to our office from a hosted environment. How can I connect our current 1811w to the other side of the T1? I don't want to replace the 1811 because I use the wireless for the office.

Any suggestions or caveats?



Re: 1811w / 1841 config and T1 connectivity.


in this case you need to have your 1841 box connected to your T1 and the ethernet port of it connecting to 1811W.

You need to make sure that you have proper reachability to and fro from lan/wan.

your local lan can be configured on the wireless interface so that the lan part has been taken care..


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Re: 1811w / 1841 config and T1 connectivity.

I can get the 1841 with a T1 WIC but the 1811w will be on the other side of the T1 connection, providing connectivity for the office. What can I use to connect the T1 to the 1811w? I have..

1841-------------T1----------??--1811w (office)


Are the routers similar enough that the config will work, with some obvious changes like IPs.

The 1811 is now our border router connecting to the internet but I want the 1841 to be the border router and if the config the same then VPN can move to that router.

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