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1811W router, routed multicast works only over wireless

I'm using a little 1811W to test multicast routing.

There are 2 VLANs configured (3 & 4) attached to 2 BVI interfaces. There are separate wireless SSIDs attached to each VLAN. There is a Loopback, which is configured as the static RP address. PIM sparse-dense is configured on the 2 BVIs and the Loopback. IGMP snooping is enabled globally.

When using VLC on VLAN 3 to stream audio or video to, I can use VLC player to receive the multicast stream on the same VLAN no problem, but on the other VLAN (4) it works only over wireless, and if I use a VLC wired client on VLAN 4 I receive nothing.

With the wireless client, ip mroute shows the outgoing interface correctly, and all works fine. But with a wired client, there is no outgoing interface (Null OIL).

The wired client uses one of the 8 built-in switch ports BTW, with "switchport access vlan 4/switchport mode access" configured.

Short of posting the full config, does anyone know what may be causing this problem?

IOS version is 12.4(15)T6.

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