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1812 2 isp failover setup


To start out with, I am new to Cisco. I have setup other routers without too much trouble, but I'm stuck with setting up an 1812. I have a few problems, the most important is 2 isp connections to fe0 & fe1 for failover.

I used the SDM to configure the router and have the primary isp working on fe1. I am not able to configure fe0 through SDM, I am not familiar with IOS and don't want to blow up the existing configuration. Is there any way to get the 2nd wan port working with SDM? Fe1 is a static block (working) and fe0 is a dynamic satellite link.

Any guidance will be appeciated.


Re: 1812 2 isp failover setup

ISDN BRI and analog modem interfaces can be configured to work as backup interfaces to other, primary interfaces. In that case, an ISDN or analog modem connection will be made only if the primary interface goes down for some reason. If the primary interface and connection go down, the ISDN or analog modem interface will immediately dial out and try to establish a connection so that network services are not lost.

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Re: 1812 2 isp failover setup

I know the BRI setup will work but we want have 2 cable/ethernet ISP lines. How do we get both fe0 & fe1 on line?

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